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The first repatriation (1920-30) and it’s influence on the urban planning and architecture of Yerevan

Les migrations des rescapés de 1915 vers l’Est – fond de carte issu des archives nationales, retravaillé par E.Harutunyan

Lundi 19 novembre 2018, 14h-16h, salle 604, 18 rue Chevreul 69007 Lyon

Intervention d’Emma HARUTYUNYAN, PhD, Associate professor, National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia

Séminaire conjoint avec l’atelier 6

Contact : Suzanne Monnot,

Détail de façade : “oriel” à l’ancienne Arabkir (dans l’actuelle Turquie) ©R. Petrossyan

The Armenian Diaspora began to be formed from Middle Ages, but it has more increased after a Genocide. Stopping in the different countries, the builder Armenians have created the big and small colonies, were accepted to construction of the habitation, the centers of belief and education. But the true native land has remained in hearts of people, the homesickness which has increased in mass repatriation has appeared. The Soviet Armenia was considered as the sacred Native land of all Armenians.

Lausanne conference in 1922-1923 became solving in orientation to the Soviet Armenia after which,due to diligence of the western powers and Turkey, the Armenian Question appeared in impasse.

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